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Commingled vehicles

Commingled vehicles are available to qualified institutional investors. The portfolios available, as well as the terms and conditions of investing, vary.

US commingled vehicles

Wellington Management clients can invest in many of our investment approaches through separate accounts and an array of US commingled vehicles. Commingled vehicles can offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Access to investment approaches with a lower minimum investment than a separate account
  • More efficient bundled administration as well as easier performance and investment tracking
  • Economies of scale that emerge as expenses are spread over a larger asset base

Contact us for more information on commingled vehicles for US institutional investors.

Non-US commingled vehicles

Our commingled vehicles are available to qualified institutional investors outside the US. The portfolios available, as well as the terms and conditions of investing, vary by the investor's geographic location.

Wellington Management Funds Institutional investors outside the US can tap into our broad equity, fixed income, and multi-asset investment capabilities through Wellington Management Funds (WMF). This extensive suite of funds, which draws on the expertise of our global investment teams, includes UCITS and non-UCITS funds and specific fund families domiciled in Australia and Canada.

Our clients include a wide range of global institutions, including pension funds, sovereign funds, endowments and foundations, family offices, and insurance companies. Select global banks also utilize our funds in connection with their private wealth management businesses.

For information about our non-US funds, visit Wellington Management Funds.