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Collaboration in action: Our Morning Meetings

Imagine hundreds of portfolio managers, research analysts, and other investment professionals — including dozens linked in from our offices around the globe — gathered together to discuss timely investment ideas.

Welcome to Wellington Management’s Morning Meeting, an enduring example of our collegial, collaborative culture in action. For more than 50 years, we’ve begun every business day with this dynamic exchange of ideas, sharing and debating the perspectives that come from our global, multidisciplinary investment teams.

A timely exchange of relevant investment information

Wellington Management has more than 600 investment professionals in offices around the globe. They meet with thousands of companies, research suppliers and customers, assess competitors, and interview public policymakers. Insights from this research are shared daily in our Morning Meetings, as well as other forums, connecting ideas and people across asset classes, investment disciplines, and geographies.

“Even the most brilliant investor will be wrong at times, which makes it valuable to hear and, in fact, welcome different perspectives. We aspire to create an environment where this is possible, and you can see it every day in our Morning Meeting.” Brendan Swords, Chairman and CEO

An engaging, collaborative process

A moderator facilitates each Morning Meeting, with the assignment rotating from week to week. Topics are selected from comment cards submitted by participants about subjects on which they have differentiated insights or that require action. The meeting is intentionally open and informal to stimulate thought and encourage debate across asset classes and investment disciplines. Discussions can range from analyses of corporate earnings to macroeconomic and policy trends to sector- and industry-specific assessments. We believe this collaborative exchange is a unique aspect of our research approach — and ultimately provides an edge in the way we invest.