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Paul Cavey
Global Bond Strategist
Dec 2016
Macro and market

Trump win boosts Bank of Japan policy prospects

Japan could prove the big global winner from the rise in US yields that followed Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election. Signs were already encouraging that Japan’s cycle was improving and... Read More

Aug 2016

W_lock Breaking new ground: Why Bank of Japan actions remain top of mind

Investors everywhere are fixated on the possible actions of policymakers at the Bank of Japan later this month. Here’s why: The BOJ is at the forefront of central banks’ efforts to stimulate... Read More

Mar 2016

W_lock Japan and China: What next for these two Asian giants?

Asia-based strategist Paul Cavey shares his views on what lies ahead for Japan and China. He focuses in particular on the impact of the BOJ’s negative-rate policy and on developments in China and their... Read More

Sep 2015

W_lock How bad are things in China? Keep an eye on the property market

The current market consensus on China is that the economy was at a great risk of a hard landing, and that this deterioration prompted the government to devalue the renminbi on August 11. However, this is only... Read More

Aug 2015
Macro and market

W_lock Japan: Real change at last?

Are the reforms working? Will better corporate governance enhance shareholder value? Are Japanese equities still a buy? Find out what several of our Japan investors and analysts say. Read More