Climate investing

Focused on addressing the opportunities and risk of the climate change challenge

What is climate investing?

At Wellington, climate investing focuses on companies addressing climate change through adaptation, mitigation, or innovation. Our work with Woodwell Climate Research Center confirms that society is vastly unprepared for climate change, and we expect demand for climate innovations to increase significantly. Companies that position themselves to be part of the solutions could gain market share and build competitive advantages, while those that fail to respond to the climate challenge could lag.

Broad opportunity set

Decarbonising the economy and adapting to climate change will require a vast array of solutions from many sectors. Many of these markets are in the early stages of growth and projected to see rising demand in coming years.

Low-carbon electricity
Energy efficiency
Low-carbon transport
Water and resource management
Climate-resilient infrastructure

Measurable outcomes

stock frequencies

We report on key performance indicators that measure the improvements that many of the companies we invest in are having on the earth’s climate. This includes net carbon dioxide emissions avoided, renewable energy produced and volume of waste water treated.

Sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR)

Wellington Management aims to approach the EU’s new regulatory requirement with investment integrity and in a manner consistent with our clients’ expectations.