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FinTech Fund

the next generation of financial services

Global equity fund seeking to invest in the companies reshaping the world of financial services.

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The shift to digital has reshaped the status quo of the world of finance, across all consumer and commercial subindustries. New technologies like the cloud and AI allow proprietary data owners to innovate faster and find new use cases for existing data in a connected world.

Fintech Wellcovered

Explore tech’s impact on life’s journey through the lens of WELL: Work, Experience, Life stages and Legacy.

Work. Reimagined

The advent of innovations like big data, the cloud and AI are driving progress across industries including procurement, accounting and payments — fuelling growth potential beyond our imagination.

Tech WELLcovered | Work Available now!

Read our new insight to explore how tech is unlocking endless possibilities in the workplace.

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Experience. Transformed

New generations of financial services, such as digital transactions and AI-assisted data processing, will increasingly be the cornerstones of consumer experience improvement.

Tech WELLcovered | Experience Available now!

Read our new insight and explore how fun is evolving through tech’s disruption.

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Life stages. Fulfilled

Fintech powered by AI and machine learning is increasingly personalising and democratising financial planning, improving an essential to-do item in one’s life that may not have been easily accessible in the past.

Tech WELLcovered | Life stages Available now!

Read our new insight and explore how tech is expanding your life’s potential.

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Legacy. Redefined

Fintech is driving leaps forward in financial inclusion, offering everything from cheaper access to financial services for new populations to animal equality. The possibilities are limitless.

Tech WELLcovered | Legacy Available now!

Read our new insight to explore how tech is moulding our definition of legacy in this generation.

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Reason to Invest



Investing in companies where the vast majority of revenues are fintech related.



Portfolio Manager Bruce Glazer has over 25 years’ experience investing in financial technology, long before the industry was coined “fintech”.


Partnered research

Our team of seasoned finance and technology specialists partner with 50+ industry-specific career analysts.

Data as of December 2020. Please refer to the investment risk section below.

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Fund risks

Please refer to the prospectus for further risk factors.

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