Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation


The SFDR, part of the EU’s Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth, has been a key focus for Wellington since its release in 2019. Having put in place the requisite product disclosures and policies for March 2021, we are now actively preparing for Level 2 requirements. Wellington is fully committed to ESG integration and sustainability with the support of firmwide Sustainable Investment Governance, Management and Leadership teams. We have also assembled a Sustainable Investment Regulatory and Third-Party Working Group to focus on the sustainability-related regulations. Our objective is to extend our partnership with clients to meet both their financial and sustainable investment goals.


Wendy Cromwell


Head of Sustainable Investment

Cheryl Duckworth


Head of Sustainable Investment, Client Group

Andria Weil

Director of Sustainable Investment Policy
  •  Article 8 ("light green"): Products which have, among other characteristics, environmental or social characteristics as defined under Article 8 of SFDR.
  • Article 9 ("dark green"): Products which have a sustainable investment or carbon-emissions reduction objective in addition to financial objectives as defined under Article 9 of SFDR.

Sustainable Investing

Our holistic approach triangulates insights on potential investments from fundamental equity, credit and sustainable research perspectives. Achieving our clients’ investment goals means integrating our sustainable research and engagement practices across our investment platform.