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  • The future of fun will see ubiquitous technology offer countless personalized experiences outside of work — from AI-enhanced travel to augmented reality shopping to 5G-enabled gaming and entertainment on the go.
  • To future-proof your portfolio and capture the widespread opportunities from the future of experiences, we believe investors need research expertise far beyond the tech sector.
  • The investable opportunity sets fueling such progress span the hardware and software segments. We find the likes of sophisticated chipmakers, cloud-based solutions, and AI-oriented software companies particularly compelling.

The days of “appointment” TV are over

Remember rushing home exactly at 8pm to catch the show everyone was watching? Or waiting endlessly for your favorite song to play on the radio? Many experiences of the past — from television and movies to music to gaming — were intended for the masses and bound by time and geography.

Today’s experiences are curated and personalized by algorithms — and harness cloud computing to stream movies, shows, and music on demand. They are also now available anywhere and anytime via mobile data networks and connected devices. Importantly, these innovations have applications far beyond entertainment. The underlying technologies will soon drive new forms of experiences — from transforming your car into a self-driving theater on the go to creating opportunities in virtual travel, augmented reality shopping, and a metaverse of games.

In part one of Tech WELLcovered, we explored how technology is augmenting work and unlocking humanity’s true creative potential. In part two, we explore how tech disruption is evolving how we have fun outside of work, creating vast possibilities for experiences tailored to your interests and seamlessly integrating them into your everyday life.

Gaming on the go

Gaming of the past was expensive, required dedicated hardware, and was often restricted to one location. The future of gaming will see AI, 5G networks, and more powerful hardware unlock personalized, on-the-go gaming for everyone, everywhere, using a variety of devices. The Pokémon Go craze gave us a glimpse of our likely future as mobile gaming turns increasingly viral


E-sports, virtual reality, and the gamification of education all present additional opportunities to invest in the future of gaming. Gaming will also offer a growing fintech opportunity as digital assets within games — like clothing and other personalized avatar characteristics — will create huge new markets powered by digital payments, the blockchain, and non-fungible tokens. A gaming metaverse may tie all these experiences together in a seamless virtual world that mirrors the offline world. The ever-expanding communities that form through these platforms could become ready consumers.

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Bruce Glazer
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