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Business practices
Jul 2017
Macro and market

Global ESG Research Update — A new era for carbon risk assessment and disclosure

Authors: Julie Delongchamp, ...

With climate change implications increasingly becoming an area of focus for investors, environmental issues took the spotlight this voting season — especially in the US, where several shareholder...

Apr 2017
Macro and market

Global ESG Research Update — Towards best practice in stewardship and governance

Authors: Carolina San Martin, CFA, ...

As fiduciaries for our clients, we are committed to considering issues that may impact the performance of their investments and to supporting decisions we believe will maximise the long-term value of the...

Apr 2017

Video highlights from our 2017 Compliance and Risk Management Forum

Author: Multiple

Operational risk management Bill Gagliardi, Director, Risk Services Charlie Mulhern, Director, Client Services Justin Stephan, CFA, Director, Portfolio Services Paula Timofeev, Associate...


Entering a new era of counterparty risk management

Author: Ed Landsiedel, CFA

Since the global financial crisis, there have been many regulatory changes that affect how we evaluate counterparty risk for our clients, especially with regard to derivatives trading. In this paper, Ed...

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