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Defined benefit plans

We have worked with defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors for more than 40 years, and today we manage money for nearly 500 accounts worldwide, including corporate and public plans and trade associations.

Our clients turn to us for:

  • Broad, multidisciplinary investment capabilities required for today's plan challenges
  • Independent research and analytical resources to support decision making at the policy, program, and portfolio levels
  • A collaborative approach to problem solving targeted to each plan sponsor's unique objectives

Learn more about our liability-driven investing (LDI) capabilities.

Current plan challenges

DB plans face a variety of risks pertaining to plan and portfolio structure, asset allocation practices, and financial market dynamics. Some of these risks were first highlighted in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Others, while not new, can take on varying dimensions depending on market conditions.

We believe that each risk, including liability, inflation, and tail risk, may be addressed through asset allocation approaches that also take into account plans’ return objectives.

For example, we think that plans should contemplate their asset mix not in terms of asset-class exposures, but in terms of exposures to various economic environments. Some plans have a significant amount of assets invested in equities and corporate bonds, asset classes that have historically tended to perform best in periods of strong economic growth. They tend to have less invested in asset classes that have historically performed well in periods of rising inflation or weak economic growth. We think they should seek better diversification across all of these environments. While each plan's needs vary, a plan that lacks exposure to asset classes that perform well in rising inflation environments might consider asset classes such as TIPS, commodities, and inflation-related equities. Read more about our environment-based asset allocation framework.

Corporate plans and liability hedging

Many plans today are employing “glidepaths” that may incrementally reallocate from equities and other return-seeking assets to long-duration bonds in pursuit of lower funded-ratio volatility. Increasingly, we believe these plans are weighing the choice between traditional long-bond benchmark strategies and a more customized approach that can hedge specific risk factors.

While customization may have value in certain scenarios, our liability-driven investment (LDI) team also sees risks in over-customization. For plans with a typical liability profile, the better choice may be using a blend of market benchmark strategies that seek to hedge various risks.

Public plans and the investment toolkit

Sponsors of public pensions are grappling with a variety of pressures. Many plans are underfunded, and their accounting practices and benefit models are in the public spotlight. And of course, there are market headwinds too. The toolkit that sponsors have at their disposal to meet these challenges has not really changed. But what can and — in our view — should change is how these tools are used.

Learn more about this framework for public plans.

Client solutions

Our diverse array of investment styles provides the flexibility that may address a variety of key themes and objectives on the minds of plan sponsors today.

Theme Investment approaches
Rising Rates 
  • Bank Loans
  • Global Bonds
  • Short Durations
  • Unconstrained Fixed Income
Enhancing Traditional
Equity Returns
  • Global Contrarian
  • Global Equities
  • Global Opportunities
  • Global Perspectives
  • International Small Cap
Opportunistic Investing 
  • Diversified Inflation Hedges
  • High Yield Debt
  • Japan
  • Opportunistic Investing
Emerging Market 
  • Asia Contrarian
  • Asian Local Opportunities
  • Emerging Market
  • Equity Systematic
  • Latin America Equity
Inflation Hedging 
  • Diversified Inflation Hedges/Strategic Real Assets
  • Energy/Global Natural Resources/Agriculture
  • Enduring Assets
  • Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
Absolute Return / Alternatives 
  • Multi-strategy alpha approaches
  • Risk-parity solutions
  • Developed Currencies Relative Value
  • Select Rates Relative Value
  • Long Credit
  • Long Bond
  • Broad-Scope Mandates
This list is for illustrative purposes only and is intended for plan sponsors. This is not an all-inclusive list of all approaches that are available or all approaches that may fit the stated theme. Investing involves risk, and an investment in an approach could lose money.

All figures as of 30 June 2017