Who we serve

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Intermediaries and wealth managers

Wellington Management serves as investment adviser or subadviser to clients around the world who sponsor mutual funds and other commingled vehicles. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, and asset management firms.

Our clients turn to us for:

  • Development of new investment approaches for changing markets
  • Insights on how to structure and market new products
  • Management of individual portfolios, sleeves of multi-manager portfolios, or an entire asset class throughout a sponsor’s product line
  • Thought leadership from our investors on a wide variety of topics

Case study: Developing a new fund

Recently, a large mutual fund distributor asked us to help them create a new fund that would seek to capitalize on certain developing global economic trends. The client had some ideas in mind, but needed guidance on:

  • How to structure the fund
  • Which sectors to invest in
  • How to position this relatively innovative product

First, we assembled a working group with the Wellington Management relationship manager and members of our Global Equity Product Management Team, as well as key professionals from our client’s organization.

Together, we reviewed the funds currently competing in this market segment, including their structure, benchmarks, and performance. We also reached out to key members of our investment teams who could articulate their views on the short- and long-term investment outlooks for the sectors of interest.

Second, we scenario-tested several possible portfolio structures and recommended what we believed to be the most appropriate one to our client. The client reviewed it, conducted tests with a few key constituencies, and decided to move forward.

Third, once all parties agreed that our proposal met the necessary criteria, we worked with the client to develop marketing materials to be used for a fund rollout meeting with the client’s sales force.

Maintaining strong client relationships

Wellington Management’s Subadvisory Relationship Management Team has extensive experience in helping mutual fund companies and other clients solve business-related and investment challenges.

We help support our clients’ sales forces and offer education programs regarding subadvised products, general investment information, and market trends.