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Endowments and foundations

We’ve been managing assets for nonprofit organizations since 1963. Over the years, the investment needs and philosophies of the institutions we serve have evolved, but our focus on providing superior results for clients has never wavered.

Our key tenets for E&F investing

1Balance the need for growth against obligations The greatest advantage that many nonprofits enjoy over other kinds of investors may be a long time horizon. Nevertheless, appropriate deployment of capital requires a clear understanding of short-term liabilities.
2Match assets to mission; be wary of trend following The “wisdom of crowds” is a poor substitute for carefully aligning investment strategies to your goals.
3Preserve purchasing power Inflation threatens the spending power of most nonprofits. Unexpected bouts of high inflation have not been uncommon historically, suggesting a strategic allocation to inflation-hedging assets. And typically, periods of low inflation have been the best time to initiate or increase such allocations.
4Think function, not form The role that an asset plays in a nonprofit's portfolio is far more important than the asset class. Focus on outcomes, not asset categories.
5BE CONTRARIAN Consider investing opportunistically. Seek out underperforming asset classes, sectors, and managers.

Meet some of our E&F professionals

“Our team works to synthesize information on endowment and foundation trends, develop thoughtful and actionable investment insights, and serve as a trusted resource and solutions provider. ”

Andrew Tubman, CFA, Director, Endowments and Foundations Strategies

“I research and advise non-profit clients on investment policy, portfolio construction, and market strategy. These collaborative projects encompass fine-tuning spending policy, governance structure, and investment positioning to maximize support for the non-profit's mission.”

Cara Lafond, CFA, Multi-Asset Strategist

“Now more than any time in the past decade endowments and foundations are struggling to meet their return targets. I spend my time partnering with these clients trying to solve their investment challenges such as creating as much incremental return while taking on as little incremental risk as possible.”

Lee Cohen, CFA, Director, Americas Institutional Group East

“I work to develop alternative approaches that are specifically designed to meet the unique return, risk, and liquidity needs of our partners in the endowments and foundations community.”

Adele Koehler, CFA, Director, Alternatives Product Development

“We work with investment consultants and OCIOs serving the needs of endowments and foundations. Our goal is to help solve our mutual clients' key investment challenges and to share differentiated insights.”

Helen Clement, CFA, Consultant Relations Manager

Any views expressed herein are those of the speaker(s), are based on available information, and are subject to change without notice. Individual portfolio management teams may hold different views and may make different investment decisions for different clients. These examples are not reflective of any specific investment strategy, nor is this considered investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any specific security.

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