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May 2017

Political turmoil in the US and EM: Same week, different implications

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

After months of eerily low volatility and higher valuations in risk assets, markets got... Read More


Correlation and dispersion: Return of the stock picker's market?

Authors: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, ...

Even for the most skilled equity portfolio managers, high correlations and low dispersion... Read More


Charging towards a lower-carbon economy

Author: Alan Hsu

Despite negative rhetoric from the Trump administration and the recent repeal of the US... Read More


Maximising total return in fixed income: the three key ingredients

Authors: Brian Garvey, ...

In today’s challenging fixed income environment, we think investors seeking total... Read More


Emerging local debt: ready for takeoff

Authors: Michael Henry, ...

We believe emerging local debt (ELD ) has reached an important inflection point as... Read More


US Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities: why active?

Authors: Allan Levin, CFA, FRM, FSA, ...

With the global economy now embarked on what appears to be a synchronised recovery, many... Read More

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Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset...

Our investors offer their views on EM equity and debt markets and provide insights on their... Read more

Desire for upside, fear of downside: Can...

Investors face high return hurdles in a low-return environment. Many are also concerned about... Read more