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Fixed income

With US$457 billion in assets managed by the fixed income team, we are a market leader in this asset class. Whether an investor is seeking a broad-market solution or strategies based on more specific duration, geographic or sector parameters, we have the resources to help meet the need.

Differentiated features of our approach

Specialised expertise across major sectors and geographies All our strategies benefit from a diversified set of investment ideas. We have large and growing teams of investors in the US, London and financial centers in Asia, with broad-market portfolio managers, sector specialists, nearly 50 credit and quantitative analysts and over 30 traders dedicated to fixed income.

Multidisciplinary research Our integrated approach to research enhances investment decision making. Fixed income portfolio managers and analysts are in constant communication with their counterparts on the equity side, promoting a deeper understanding of issuers’ capital structures. Macroeconomic, currency and technical strategists add their expertise to the mix.

Holistic risk management We combine quantitative tools and qualitative judgment to balance upside potential with downside risk, supporting consistency of performance. Our risk-management process is multilayered: Risk measures are embedded in the decision-making tools and processes of individual portfolio teams; the firm’s senior managers regularly review risk exposures at the individual strategy, asset class and firmwide levels; and an independent team of risk professionals consults with portfolio managers.

Cutting-edge technology Investment decision making is bolstered by proprietary tools for building portfolios, assessing liquidity and managing risk.

Sophisticated proprietary tools for building portfolios and managing risk

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Tool (FI-PMT) Liquidity Evaluation Framework (LiEF®) Fixed Income Risk Engine (FIRE)
Allows portfolio managers to monitor exposures by country, currency, sector, credit quality and duration range, in real time, in both absolute and benchmark-relative terms Creates a point-in-time estimate of a portfolio’s liquidity Provides a comprehensive array of risk statistics at portfolio, sector and individual security levels

A wide array of fixed income solutions

Informed by multidisciplinary research on countries, sectors, and individual securities, our solutions run the full gamut of the world’s fixed income opportunities. These approaches are designed to meet the varied objectives of investors across geographic, duration, and credit-risk dimensions.

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All figures as of 31 March 2016