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Family offices

We manage assets for a worldwide clientele of family offices in a wide range of equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-asset approaches. Our clients include large single- and multi-family offices, family foundations and independent wealth advisers.

Our distinctive qualities as an investment manager to family offices

  • Private partnership As a private partnership whose origins date back to 1928, we have a deeply ingrained appreciation of the privacy and confidentiality needs of our family-office clients.
  • Client-oriented business model Our only business is investment management, with a focus on serving family offices and other institutional investors with extensive experience in investing and long time horizons.
  • Consultative approach We work closely with family-office clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their investment objectives — upside participation with downside mitigation, absolute-return goals, inflation hedging and other goals — and to tailor innovative solutions, often significantly shaped by clients’ tax considerations and liquidity preferences.
  • Institutional strength Our robust infrastructure and oversight processes are designed to provide consistency of service to clients.

Investment solutions for family offices

We offer an array of equity, fixed income and multi-asset approaches, including absolute-return, long-only and long/short strategies.

Hedged equities
  • Long/short
  • Long/short sector
  • Multi-strategy
Fixed income
  • Relative value
  • Multi-strategy
  • Municipal bonds
  • Macro/emerging market debt
Alternative exposures
  • Infrastructure
  • Liquid real assets
  • Niche opportunities
  • Core and satellite emerging markets
  • Global contrarian
  • Concentrated styles
  • Natural resources oriented
  • Income oriented
Multi-asset solutions
  •  Outcome oriented
  • Inflation sensitive
  • Multi-strategy low beta

This list is for illustrative purposes only. This is not an all-inclusive list of every type of approach that is available or may fit the stated theme. Investing involves risk, and an investment in an approach could lose money.

Resources for family-office clients

Seminars and educational programmes

We sponsor regional seminars and roundtables specifically for family-office clients, centred on such topics as alternatives, inflation hedging and asset allocation. Other events we host are available to a broad range of clients, including family offices:

  • Research, asset allocation and risk-management forums
  • Webcasts covering such topics as asset allocation, the US and global macroeconomic outlooks and specific approaches
  • Overview of our thought leadership

Meet some of our family-office professionals


Lisa Thors
Director of Family Office Strategies
Eight years at Wellington Management, 27 years of industry experience

I’m responsible for ensuring that all the professionals at our firm who work with family offices stay up to date on relevant trends for such investors. Lately I’ve been spending time articulating the value of active management to taxable investors. While we believe there’s a role for passive vehicles, we also think that family offices can benefit from actively managed strategies that seek to compound value over many years in an effort to deliver differentiated — and favourable — returns. We’ve also been working with our asset allocation colleagues to develop portfolios for families seeking competitive returns with lower volatility than the broad equity markets over long periods.

Maisie Hughes
Business Development Manager for US Family Offices
One year at Wellington Management, 12 years of industry experience

As the scale and scope of our engagement with family offices continues to grow, I’ve been meeting with existing and prospective clients to discuss interesting investment ideas. These range from core, low-turnover equity portfolios to more tactical opportunities in sectors that are potentially dislocated or have high upside potential, such as energy and health care. I enjoy helping clients think through their options and consulting with them on how the firm’s investment research and strategies might enhance their overall portfolio.

Scott Geary, CFA
Managing Director
Six years at Wellington Management, 20 years of industry experience

I am privileged to work with family-office clients and prospects throughout the US western states. While many family offices seek capital preservation and opportunities for long-term total return within a tax-efficient framework, their needs are truly diverse. I strive to bring the full depth and breadth of the firm’s global resources to bear in developing solutions tailored to each client.

Charles Ruch, CFA
Relationship Manager
Nine years at Wellington Management, 16 years of industry experience

I have the pleasure of working with many of our family-office clients in the western region of the US. My goal is to understand our clients’ unique challenges and to work with the right people within our firm to address these needs. Sometimes this means introducing one of our firm’s specialists to discuss a particular market question; at other times it involves matching a specific client objective with a philosophically aligned investment approach. It is a privilege to be surrounded by the powerful intellectual resources at Wellington and a thrill to help channel this energy into initiatives to meet our clients’ needs.

Contact us:

Email us at familyoffices@wellington.com.