About us

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Facts and figures

Our history

We trace our roots back to 1928, when Walter Morgan, a Philadelphia-based accountant, established the first balanced mutual fund in the United States. Despite the great market crash of 1929, Mr. Morgan established Wellington Management as an innovator and leader in investment management.

In the 1960s, four talented investment professionals took on leadership roles at the firm: W. Nicholas Thorndike, Robert Doran, Stephen Paine and George Lewis. Together, they refocused the business, and in 1979, 29 original partners bought back the firm, believing the private form of ownership to be in the best interests of clients. This move was, at the time, both unusual and bold.

The firm opened its London office in 1983 and then began expanding internationally at an energetic pace in the mid-1990s: in Singapore in 1996, Tokyo and Sydney in 1997, Hong Kong in 2003 and Beijing in 2007. In 2011, our London-based affiliate, Wellington Management International Ltd, opened an office in Frankfurt, Germany. We established our Luxembourg (Wellington Luxembourg S. à r. l.) and Zurich, Switzerland (a Swiss limited liability company) offices in 2014.

Today, Wellington Management has a significant presence and long-term track record in nearly all sectors of the global securities markets. Still, our history is perhaps best defined not by the number of years we've been in existence, but rather by our focus on stability and growth to help meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Wellington Management today

  • US$1 trillion of client assets under management
  • 13 offices worldwide
  • 2,150+ clients
  • 65+ countries in which clients are based

People and portfolios

  • 654 investment professionals averaging 17 years of industry experience
  • 200+ investment approaches
  • 158 partners — all active at the firm

Depth, experience, and continuity of investment staff

The figures regarding investment staff do not include support staff and other employees. All figures are as of 30 June 2017.