Emerging markets equities


A new wave of structural change is altering how and where we look for EM investment opportunities.

— Daire Dunne, CFA, Portfolio Manager


We believe a thorough understanding of global industries and astute stock picking skill can help us deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns in emerging markets.

— Mark Mandel, CFA, Head of research portfolios


David Elliott

Systematic investing offers scalability to help address the breadth of the emerging market universe.

— David Elliott, Portfolio Manager and Co-Director, Quantitive Investment Group

Capital Appreciation

We are excited about the opportunities in China’s A-share market, which we believe is significantly underpenetrated by foreign investors compared with more developed Asian markets.

— Jamie Rice, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Small Cap

We believe a common misperception surrounding EM small caps is that they are significantly more volatile than larger EM equities.

— Liliana Castillo Dearth, Portfolio Manager

Health Care

Fueled by rising GDP per capita and aging populations, health spending is growing disproportionally in developing countries.

— Rebecca Sykes, CFA, Global Industry Analyst


Vera Trojan

Opportunities lie in companies that are helping China move up the value chain and support national goals of patriotic innovation, smart living, environmental improvement and sharing society. The pace of change is astounding. Businesses that provide products and services to increasingly affluent consumers: fashion, leisure, connectivity, entertainment, can grow well above GDP.

— Vera Trojan, Portfolio Manager

Escape Bio

EM equity investors must have the conviction to endure ongoing volatility and should always be on the lookout for potential opportunities. I believe markets like today’s favor the disciplined, discerning, and well prepared.

— Greg Mattiko, CFA, Equity Portfolio Manager

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