Emerging markets debt


Kevin Murphy

We believe inefficiencies exist in the pricing of the EM corporate credit risk due to market segmentation, clientele affects, and information availability. These are often exacerbated by shifts in investor sentiment.​

— Kevin Murphy, Portfolio Manager


We believe while emerging local debt may be riskier than bonds issued by some developed market issuers, the higher average coupons can potentially enhance income levels and play a role in generating attractive returns.​

— Michael Henry, Portfolio Manager

This is a challenging market for all investors, but we believe advanced beta approaches can avoid several uncompensated risk exposures and thereby meaningfully outperform the asset class throughout the current downturn.

— Evan Ouellette, Portfolio Manager

EM Debt

One thing we have learned through many years of investing in emerging markets (EM) debt is that unpredictable events can present both risk and opportunity.

— Jim Valone, CFA, Portfolio Manager

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