What we do

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Our Global Multi-Asset Strategies team partners with clients to address investment challenges through creative multi-asset research, specialised guidance, and innovative investment solutions. The group is made up of more than 60 multi-asset professionals and manages approximately US$25 billion in client assets.

Differentiated features of our approach

Research We provide an entrepreneurial environment, encouraging investors to seek out new directions for research and new strategies to help meet client needs. We create macro frameworks that help us identify potential opportunities at a given point in time, and then we explore those opportunities from all angles.

The members of our Global Multi-Asset Strategy Group bring deep experience to every research project. Our portfolio managers and strategists average 17 years of experience and have conducted research at a range of major institutions, from the World Bank to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, our research benefits from the breadth and depth of specialists at Wellington Management, including global industry analysts, regional macroanalysts, credit analysts and many others. We actively share our research with clients through seminars, webcasts and white papers.

Guidance We partner with a wide variety of clients, from corporate and public pensions to endowments and foundations, to help solve investment problems. We engage in a dialogue, asking questions to gauge clients’ needs: What is their investment objective? How do they define risk? What is their current strategic policy mix? Then we collaborate to identify the appropriate investment strategy, modifying it as necessary over time and incorporating timely risk monitoring and management.

We also regularly consult with clients on a variety of investment-policy issues, such as rebalancing and risk budgeting. We have client-focused strategists who devise investment strategies that seek to take into account regulatory changes and market forces. Importantly, these strategists have capital-markets backgrounds and apply their knowledge to specific client channels in order to provide high-quality guidance.

Solutions Every multi-asset-class analysis we perform and every investment approach we offer is designed with clients’ goals in mind. We apply a range of investment disciplines, including those based on fundamental, macro, quantitative and technical analysis. Typically, there are multiple potential sources of alpha in the portfolios managed by the group, including the portfolio manager’s strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions and individual security selection decisions made by other investment teams at the firm.

With more than 608 investment professionals and a wide array of investment approaches — from core equity and fixed income to niche areas like emerging market health care and bank loans — Wellington Management provides extensive resources on which the asset allocation portfolio managers can draw.

Against this backdrop, the Global Multi-Asset Strategy Group crafts solutions for liability-driven investment (LDI) needs, asset-only policy decisions, and risk/return trade-off analysis. In addition, we develop asset allocation frameworks that we believe reflect the changing regulatory environment and evolving capital market opportunities, including solutions for rising-inflation regimes and thematically driven unconstrained portfolios.

Innovative solutions to common client needs

Client needSolution
Opportunistic exposure to significant market disclocations
  • Opportunistic suite
Strong relative performance during inflationary regimes
  • Inflation hedge suite
Absolute return with no systematic market exposure
  • Multi-strategy alpha approaches
  • Select Rates Relative Value
  • Developed Currencies Relative Value
More diversified investment options for DC plans
  • Target-date series
Balanced approach to diversifying equity market risk
  • Risk-parity solutions
Consultative, bespoke approach to achieve unique client objectives
  • Active Multi-Asset
  • Broad scope mandates
  • Dynamic LDI (DB)

Full lineup

See a complete list of our representative investment approaches.

All figures as of 31 December 2016