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Amid growing investor interest in uncorrelated sources of return, we offer alternative strategies that tap our expertise across all major listed asset classes. These strategies are supported by multidisciplinary, proprietary research and a robust trading and risk-management infrastructure.

Differentiated features of our approach

  • Twenty-year track record; launched our first alternative approach in 1994
  • Portfolio managers with demonstrated skill across a variety of market environments
  • Nimble and entrepreneurial, yet supported by the resources and infrastructure of a globally scaled firm
  • Strategies developed in direct response to investors’ needs

Our solutions

Hedged Equities

Hedged equities provide equity-driven returns with varying market exposures and volatility profiles. As a manager of long/short equity strategies since 1994, Wellington Management brings deep expertise to the management of hedged equity portfolios within and across markets and across investment disciplines.

Fixed Income Oriented

Our global strategies in this category seek returns driven more by macro, credit and relative-value insights than by benchmark-relative positioning. These approaches may provide attractive returns even in low-yield or rising-rate environments. The firm’s substantial presence in the global fixed income markets underpins our ability to construct strategies with specific risk and return characteristics.

Bold links represent absolute-return strategies.

As markets ponder the pace and timing of a rebound in interest rates, yield-seeking investors would do well to consider fixed income absolute-return strategies. Two of our investment strategists discuss the role of absolute-return strategies that source alpha from government bond and currency markets.

Multi-Asset Solutions

Our multi-asset solutions combine strategies from varied disciplines to meet investors’ goals — pursuing a target level of return or income, seeking returns in excess of inflation or looking to satisfy a risk objective. Informed by the firm’s decades of experience in managing asset allocation portfolios, our collaborative culture is well suited to creating effective multidisciplinary approaches.

Bold links represent absolute-return strategies.

We advocate a more active approach to risk parity — one that combines structural allocations predicated on long-horizon research with tactical opportunities to potentially boost return and manage risk.

Alternative Exposures

Many investors are seeking strategies with return patterns that have little or no correlation to traditional market exposures — and ideally that can deliver alpha along with diversification. We have deep capabilities in publicly traded alternative exposures based on our long-term presence in specific asset categories, such as commodities and infrastructure, as well as extensive experience in identifying tactical opportunities that may emerge from dislocated markets.

Bold links represent absolute-return strategies.

One of our senior real-estate industry analysts regards REITs and private real estate as complementary asset classes, both of which merit consideration as allocations in a well-balanced portfolio. In this paper, he explains why, and comments on how to optimally allocate funds to each.

Absolute Return

Absolute-return strategies attempt to provide consistent levels of return regardless of market direction. We offer a broad range of absolute-return approaches designed to pursue stable returns over time while complementing other components of the overall portfolio in achieving an investor’s goals.

Learn more

Two of our investment strategists examine how investors can tailor their hedge fund allocations to their needs. In a white paper, they review the characteristics of various hedge fund styles, from absolute return to total return, and offer guidance for improving portfolio construction.

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Note: Wellington Management does not use external investment managers.