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Drawing on proprietary research and a collaborative culture, our investment professionals are well positioned to search for differentiated investment ideas: to uncover the story within the story, the hidden risks, and the potential rewards.

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After spending several days in our offices, a client wrote to say that he’d been struck by the uniquely collaborative environment and how the willingness to share information bolstered our research efforts. He went on to say that our challenge as a firm is to convey these qualities to those who don’t know us, since asset managers often appear very similar on paper.

This note stuck with me, as I often think about how best to tell our story, so that clients will understand what sets our firm apart and why it matters. For me, it really boils down to this: We combine the resources of a large, global, diversified multi-asset manager with the small-company feel of an independent, privately held partnership. We believe this combination serves our clients well. First, our scale and broad capabilities mean that we can address a wide range of investment needs and foster innovative solutions. Second, our ownership model aligns our interests more closely with those of our clients and enables a longer-term perspective on our business.

Most importantly, the glue that holds all of this together is our culture. We believe it is the sustainable competitive advantage of our firm, helping us to attract, retain, develop, and motivate great people. The shared values of our culture include integrity, collegiality, learning, humility, a sense of humor, respect for diversity of thought, and an unyielding focus on our clients. Our people are guided by the mantra, “client, firm, self,” and the result is a firmwide mandate to put forth our best efforts on behalf of our clients every day.

If you talk to others at our firm, from the experienced veterans to the recent joiners, I believe you’ll hear similar perspectives — not because we’re reading from a script, but because we have chosen a distinctive path to serving our clients’ needs and it is deeply ingrained in everything we do.


Brendan Swords
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Clients can benefit from our...

Clients can benefit from our…

Long-term perspective of a partnership structure

Our private ownership model provides stability, allows us to focus on long-term results, aligns our interests with those of our clients, and helps us to recruit and retain outstanding talent.

Singular focus on investment management

Our only business is managing money for our clients, allowing us to concentrate on our goal of exceeding their investment and service expectations.

Empowered investment teams and rigorous proprietary research

We describe our investment model as a “community of boutiques.” Each investment team has freedom of philosophy and process, while benefiting from the resources of a large, global firm.

Open, collaborative culture

We have built our organization to foster healthy debate, diversity of thought, and the free exchange of ideas — conditions we believe are essential for informed investment decision making.


We trace our roots back to 1928, when Walter Morgan established the first balanced mutual fund in the United States. Today, Wellington Management has a significant presence and long-term track record in nearly all sectors of the global securities markets.

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Clients are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we seek to provide superior investment results, exceptional service, and multiple layers of risk management. As a private partnership, we believe our ownership structure fosters a long-term view that aligns our perspectives with those of our clients.


From our grant, charitable giving, and matching gift programs to our employee volunteering and environmental initiatives, we believe in actively giving back to the communities in which we live and work.


We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations by promoting sustainable practices and active dialogue among our employees. Our Getting Greener initiative identifies, evaluates, and implements sustainability efforts that complement our day-to-day business and supports our employees and our communities.

All figures as of 30 June 2021